My First Cookbook is almost HERE! Available December 1st, 2020!!

What started out as a fix for 2 ingredient pizza dough back in 2017 has turned into an internet sensation! 

I never would have thought my Skinny Pizza Dough would be made in homes all over the world!  Since I am a pizza fanatic, of course I have made so many variations of pizza over the years, but then I got to thinking - what else can I make with this dough?

After months of recipe testing - coming up with so many things you can make with this dough - I am sure you will find even more ways to make this magical dough.

I would like to thank all the people who have tagged my on Instagram @mybizzykitchen showing me their pizza creations and "Party Pizza Fridays!"  I get such joy out of families creating fun memories in the kitchen using this pizza dough. 

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